Nothin' But Gums:
Oral Care in the First Months.

Even though baby teeth are temporary, they play important roles in facial development, chewing and speech. They also act as a guide for permanent teeth, helping them emerge in the right positions. You should start caring for your baby’s mouth even before teeth begin to show. Here’s how:

  • Use a soft cloth or gauze sponge to wipe your baby’s gums.
  • Prevent the transfer of bacteria to your baby’s mouth by never using your own mouth to clean pacifiers or test bottle temperature. Also avoid sharing silverware.

Baby's First Teeth

Around six months, your baby’s teeth will start to break through the gums. (This is also called tooth eruption.) If a tooth hasn’t erupted within four to six months of the average eruption time, don’t worry. Your dentist may just want to check that the tooth has formed in the jawbone.

Caring for Baby Teeth

Tooth decay is the most chronic childhood disease in the United States. But it can be reduced or even prevented with good oral care.

Sugar, carbohydrates and plaque (a sticky substance that adheres to tooth surfaces) are the main causes of tooth decay. The risk of decay rises when sugar and carbs are consumed often, and when they remain in the mouth for long periods of time. Reduce this risk and keep your baby’s teeth healthy by following these tips.

DO ...

  • Brush baby teeth at least once a day
  • Inspect your baby's teeth regularly
  • Limit sugar foods and drinks
    Encourage the drinking of milk and water only
  • Try to break the bottle habit by age 1
  • Schedule baby's first dental checkup as soon as the first tooth appears
  • Consider having your baby's molars sealed
DON'T ...

  • Put baby to bed with a bottle
  • Dip pacifiers in sugary substances
  • Clean pacifiers by mouth
  • Share silverware or other utensils

Healthy Teeth

Healthy teeth should be all one color and mostly smooth around the edges.

Moderate Decay

A yellow or black band on the tooth's surface closest to the gumline may indicate progression to decay.

Advanced Decay

Teeth that look brownish with unsmooth edges may indicate advanced decay.

Early Childhood Caries

Baby Bottle Syndrome, a common cause of early childhood caries, is caused by putting a baby to bed with a bottle of milk or juice or other sweet liquid. The liquid lies in the baby’s mouth and pools around the teeth. The result is extensive tooth decay and infection that can be very painful. It can be so severe that many of the teeth have to be capped or even removed to avoid infections.

Baby-Friendly Brushing

Start brushing as soon as your baby’s first tooth breaks through the gum, using a baby-friendly toothbrush and water. Be sure to brush all surfaces, especially along the gum line. Your dentist can show you how to best brush baby’s teeth, answer any oral development questions you might have, and give you tips on how to prevent dental disease

Child Tooth Loss

On this chart that shows the approximate time frame a child will lose their teeth. Every child is different so they may not lose their teeth exactly when the chart says. If you have any concerns about your child's teeth contact their dentist.

Teething Tips

You've probably heard of teething pain. Many babies experience discomfort as their teeth start to break through the gums. During these times, your baby may become fussy, chew on toys or hands, and even drool more than usual. This is all normal. If your baby becomes excessively fussy, work with your doctor to determine the cause and find ways to lessen teething discomfort.

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